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Giving Dogs Trust everything they wanted and a little more

Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. Their mission is to bring about a day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. Over 14,300 dogs are cared for in Dogs Trust Centres every year.

Dogs Trust developed the Dog School programme to provide an accessible approach to dog training for all UK dogs. It is informed by the most up to date developments in canine science. The classes are split into 3 categories for different ages of dog – puppy, adolescent and adult. The interactive classes provide high quality advice and training in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They are a perfect place for owners to understand their dog’s behaviour and to help form a life-long bond with their dogs.

The problem

Our client wanted to produce a guide that would accompany the course, and based on how the classes are structured they wanted the guide to expand with additional material as the programme progressed each week. Having 3 different age categories, along with different additional material for each category across each week of the course meant it was challenging to cater for, and manage all permutations!

They needed to be durable too, as the guides are handled multiple times over the duration of the course, and they needed to be a size that would be easy to carry and use.

The guide also needed to be distributed on-demand to various training schools throughout the UK and being a registered charity they needed to ensure the investment was cost-effective. They didn’t think they would be able to deliver everything they wanted within the budget that was allocated to the project.

The solution

Palina worked closely with the Dogs Trust team to unpack what they were trying to achieve and what the ideal solution would look like. We used the experience within our team and our supply chain to work on a suitable format that ticked as many of the objectives as possible.

A die cut capacity pocket was suggested as a way to grow the guide by adding content as the weeks progressed. The die cut shape provided added interest and a design flourish which reflected the fun nature of the classes.

Keeping on brand, colours of solid yellow and purple were to be incorporated, which after multiple uses would crack and leave unsightly white creases. By using a gloss lamination we alleviated the cracking, creating a durable training guide which enhanced the overall look and feel of the final product.

To give our client the best value for money we needed to be able to produce as many books as possible. Our solution was to arrange the storage of guides that weren’t required at the outset, which were then called off as needed by each individual Dog School and dispatched within 24-48 hours using our negotiated next day courier service. By showing cost options for multiple quantities our client could see the economies of scale of ordering more copies at the outset. Palina would report on stock levels which would give the Dogs Trust a clear picture of what was held and when new guides may be needed.

As soon as the format was agreed in principle, we provided plain paper dummies to show the size of the guide and the capacity pocket. We also sent samples of the lamination to allow the team to get a clear idea of how the final product would look and feel before production began, all at no extra cost to the client.

By showing cost options for multiple quantities, Dogs Trust could see the economies of scale of ordering more copies at the outset.

The results

By providing an end-to-end service with one point of contact throughout the whole process of print, fulfilment, storage, call off and distribution our client benefits from an efficient and cost effective solution to their training needs.

Working with Palina was easy, it felt like they were an extension to our team, the product suggestions helped improve the final format and being able to print a higher quantity and storing enabled us to reduce the unit cost, so we could invest in a better product and save money which is vital for the charity.

Maria Wickes
Head of Dog School, The Dogs Trust