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Acquisition, retention or awareness; direct
marketing can do it all.


On average, each year we help customers deliver more than 4.9 million pieces of mail to the home. In a single week we delivered 15 million items to 7,000 postcode levels with unique codes for each!

We’re experienced in providing advice to add value to your organisation, our team is on-hand to consult, manage and execute your campaigns.

Direct mail

Direct mail is still seen as one of the most authoritative methods of direct marketing. This makes it ideal for particular activities, and what’s more direct mail is retained in the home for an average of 17 days, and this increases to over a month for catalogues. (Source: Market Research)

Direct mail is proven to perform. Direct activity resulting from mail has shown that 92% of recipients are driven online, 87% have been influenced to make an online purchase and when combined with digital marketing such as emails it’s been proven to increase uptake of offers by 35%.

We can help you take advantage of personalisation options to really make your campaigns resonate with the recipient. Guide you through the complicated requirements of addressed versus partially-addressed mail, work with you to optimise your creatives and achieve postal discounts and savings. We can also advise on methods to be more environmentally friendly with your direct mail, whether it’s material selection, naked mailings, sourcing bio-degradable poly or stock storage and overprinting. We’ve got you covered!

Door drops

Which in-home advertising media can offer targeting as broad as every home in the UK and hyper targeting right down to street level, whilst still being highly cost effective?… The humble door drop! It’s still a staple of 80% of the top UK advertisers, and can see interaction rates over 10% with conversions as high as 3%. (Source: Royal Mail)

It’s fantastic for generating brand or product awareness, following up other major media campaigns or as part of an integrated programme of activity.

There’s two factors which really make or break a successful door drop campaign; cost and compliance. Luckily we’re experienced in both! When you budget for a campaign there’s three cost factors to include; your creative, the print, the distribution. The latter two are tied together as the cost per thousand is often linked to weight. We can help you optimise formats to secure both the best distribution cost and the best print cost.

Compliance is where we find many advertisers getting unstuck. The majority of door drops in the UK are conducted by Royal Mail via a third party. This limits contact with Royal Mail, and their criteria for successful distribution are strict, from complex packing specifications, accurate labelling, multiple delivery hubs, strict delivery deadlines, to ensuring proof of delivery and problem handling. If any of these goes wrong then an advertiser can face hefty fines or even, complete cancellation. Palina handles millions of door drops each year and we have the experience, and importantly the relationships directly with Royal Mail to ensure a smooth campaign roll-out.


Inserts can seriously boost your marketing performance, by placing your print inserts within carefully selected products you can align brand values, target specific audience types or tap in to buyer behaviour at a time when they’re at their most engaged.

Inserts can rival press and other mass media channels for cost and reach, but careful consideration should be given to selecting, and working with the right print partner. Too often we’ve seen carefully prepared media and creative briefs come undone when an insert partner can’t handle a complex design, or the copy weight pushes a subscriber mailing over its limit. We work with clients at the earliest stages of the campaign as possible to advise on print formats, produce production samples and obtain early sign-off from third-party partners and manage the entire production process as an extension of your creative team.