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Helping a comms agency increase print billings by 14%

From Coutts Bank and Canary Wharf Group PLC to Cobra Beers, Seven Hills work with many corporate brands to create campaigns that make a difference. From annual reports and manifestos, to event material, podcasts and social media campaigns, they create content that engages audiences and carries the message.

Seven Hills have built a strong reputation as solid creative communicators, with the team highly skilled in delivering digital campaigns. Despite the digital bias around 10% of turnover still relied on print campaigns.

As their reputation has grown, so has the number of briefs requiring print and full-service print sourcing and production. Historically not something a team of digital natives have knowledge of.

Never wanting to overlook an opportunity, Seven Hills’ Head of Creative, Nadeem Muzzaffer and Founder Partner Nick Giles engaged Palina to explore how our modern consultative, focussed approach to print could compliment their creative communications ideas.

The problem

After a strong coffee and initial chat, Nadeem and Darren Cummings, one of Palina’s Directors rolled up their sleeves and began auditing the agency’s printed portfolio. It became clear that quality, or lack of it was one of the main concerns. Beautifully crafted creatives were being continually let down by a lack of consistency.

After reviewing file copies for each project, it was clear that the majority of quality issues related to poor colour reproduction. The lack of technical knowledge in the team also led to poorly chosen print partners with ageing machines, outdated technology and unsuitable processes causing the finished print to look washed out and streaky.

These core issues were undoubtedly caused and exacerbated by the lack of print procurement knowledge and capacity in the creative team. This meant procurement was often left until late in a project and handled by another internal team. The selection process would end up without necessary quality checks, suppliers wouldn’t be able to add value to the creative process with quality and price fluctuating from job to job.

The solution

We audited the types of work Seven Hills produced as well the typical lead times and production schedules they worked to. From there we formed a roster of suppliers able to not only produce high quality work, but to do so in short timeframes. We then became the production partner of Seven Hills, ensuring we were on-hand to supplement their creativity with innovative print ideas, working to achieve best value without compromising quality or speed.

Working to achieve best value without compromising quality or speed.

The results

As a result of using our print management services, quality of print has increased dramatically without increasing costs or causing deadlines to slip. Within a year the agency had started to build a growing reputation for its ability to produce stunning printed reports and event material. Turnover in the print category grew by an average of 14% – generating more revenue.

The creative team was also happy to be free from time spent trying to source and production manage print, allowing them to focus where their expertise is needed most – being creative!  

Turnover in print grew by an average of 14%.

We love working with Palina! They are always on hand to bounce creative ideas off for new projects, coming up with cool paper stocks and innovative ideas which are always on point. When it comes to work in production, despite very challenging deadlines they always manage to pull it out of the bag! For such a busy department, to have a print resource like Palina on tap is so helpful – they’re worth every penny!”

Nadeem Muzaffar
Head of Design, Seven Hills